New House, Lala’s Patterns, & Sock Clubs

We’ve been in our new house for a couple of weeks now. Here is what I have learned in that time:

  • My house will never, ever be clean. I spent umpteen hours sweeping, washing, drying, folding, sweeping again, scrubbing the bathroom, washing more clothes, sweeping again, unpacking boxes, running the dishwasher, and sweeping again. Hardwood floors are NOT always fun.
  • An empty house creates a LOT of echoes. It’s especially fun for a 5 year old to discover this.
  • Changing my 5 year old’s home and school in the same week causes behavioral problems. Must avoid in the future.

My motivation to unpack and put things away is weaning, so I’m trying to get as much done as I can, but it’s hard. By the time I get home from work, I just want to relax. Of course I can’t, because I have to go over (for the umpteenth time) the rules for Kobe’s class and WHY it is not ok to roll around on the floor during group time or refuse to do work during center time. Also, he hit some kid for “getting too close to him in line”. I think he’s been hanging around Lala and her talk of “shanking” for too long. (kidding)

I finished test knitting Laura’s pattern and I really like the look of the finished sock! I’ll put up pictures once the pattern gets sent out in Sarah’s sock club package next month. I also think I’m going to knit up Lala’s simple shawl in a black/white variegated yarn I got earlier this year. I think it’ll look very…interesting in those colors. 🙂

I was really looking forward to picking Lissajous back up yesterday, and when I did, something didn’t look right. Turns out I put the calf shaping in the wrong place and completely messed up the look of the sock. Of course, I didn’t realize this until 50 some odd rows in. Boo for frogging a gorgeous piece of knitting.

In other news – I got into the Wollmeise Sock Club!!! yay for exclusive colorways and happy packages. This makes four (I think?) sock clubs I’m in, so I think I’m going to drop one.

I’ve gotten some nice new stuff and need to photograph it so I can show everyone. Maybe later this week? I got a few colors of heavyweight BMFA, a skein of Miss May (wollmeise), and other things that I can no longer remember.

Oh – I also joined Mystery Stole 4 – is anyone else signed up for that? It’ll be my first beaded shawl.

Off to pick up the boy – cross your fingers that he behaved for me!

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