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I keep forgetting I have a blog.  That’s bad, right?

So one of my closest friends, Alisha, is getting married, and this week she set up an appointment to go wedding dress shopping.  The place she wanted to go was about an hour away, so it’s no sweat at all.  Except that there were numerous accidents, and a drive that should have taken us an hour ended up taking us almost four hours.  So, frustration had set in by that point.  Seeing Alisha in the dresses (once we finally got there) was awesome – there were a couple of really lovely ones, and she did find one that she really loved.  I don’t have a picture, but I’ll snag one from Laura and put it up.  🙂  After a dress had been decided upon, Laura and I drove to Little Rock to meet up with Aimee and Rose to have dinner, and aside from a very young weird waiter, all was well!  It was good to see Aimee again and nice to meet Rose!

After all of the events of the weekend, I am further reinforced in my disinterest in how certain people feel about me.    There are some personality types that will never go over well with me, and it’s best when I avoid those people.  When that isn’t possible, I am unafraid to be as direct as necessary to get my point across.   Vague, yes, but it makes me feel better.

ANYWAY!  In 48 hours, Laura and I are off to Spring Fling!!!  We are staying Wednesday night with Jackie, and that alone is cause for celebration!  I hope to update with tons of pictures later.  🙂

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