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  1. joanne low says:


    Dear business owner,
    I am Joanne from, we are a creative marketing solution company specializing in “Word of mouth” campaign organizer. Would like to have a opportunity to promote our creative marketing strategy for your business.
    For only USD$20, you will be promoting your business across to mass audience for 6months !
    · For six months, your business will be participating in a sand-building contest across BALI.
    · You will list your requirements on the message that you want the tourists to build for you
    · Introduce your business to friends from different countries
    · You will get to post a short description with image together with a write up on your business which will be printed in the poster and distributed to our participating partners in Bali
    · Company with the most creative and popular marketing idea will be rewarded USD$400 cash

    We wish you good luck,

  2. I tried to use the advertising form but since I don’t have a Ravelry URL, it wouldn’t let me send.
    I make and design geeky & punny shirts I sell on Etsy. Some of my friends love your podcast and a recent shirt I made (Woolverine) made their day. They suggested I reach out to you and see if I could advertise on your site. I think they’re right…Woolverine is totally for knitters and craft masters with an edge LOL. If you like the shirt, I’d be happy to send you one as well if you’d want to show it off in one of your episodes 🙂 Just let me know your thoughts. I’d love to work together. You can view the shirt directly at:
    (Unisex shirts are also on the site.) Thanks!!

  3. Deb Duncan says:

    When is your event in Nashville ,Tn at Scarett Bennett? Vendor /attendee info please?96

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