How did you two meet?
Laura & Leslie met at a now defunct yarn shop in Hernando, MS in the summer of 2007.

What made you decide to start a shared blog?
Although Laura claims inspiration from the Mason-Dixon blog, we assumed that between the (then) three of us, we would be able to keep the content fairly regular.  We’re all a little bit lazy, as our post history pre-podcast will attest.

How did you name the blog?
We wanted something catchy, but all the good stuff was taken.  TheKnitGirllls is a spoof of the term “The It Girls”, and the three L’s are a reflection of our names beginning with L.

What made you want to podcast?
Our friend Jackie had started her podcast Kiping it Real and that gave us the initial idea but decided we wanted to be able to show what we were working on (like Carin from Round The Twist) so we decided to videocast.

Whose idea was it to start the blog/ podcast?
It was a mutual lightbulb moment.  We threw around the idea for a few days and then decided on a random weekend to go for it.  Now we look forward to sharing our craft each week with all of you.

What is your very favorite type/brand of yarn to use?
Laura says: I love knitting with handspun yarn, there is just something about it that commercial yarn just can’t touch.
Leslie says: Whatever I’m knitting with right now.  I cannot possibly choose one.  A top ten list might be easier.

How do you decide what type of needles to use when knitting socks?
Laura says: For me, it depends on the pattern.  I prefer to use DPNs with top down patterns that are easily split over 4 needles. If it works better over 2 needles, then I use 2 circs.  I love 2 circs for toe-up socks.
Leslie says: I tend to stick with magic loop for most of my socks.

Do you prefer 16 or 24 in. circulars when knitting socks?
Laura says:I like 16 inch although when I was first learning, I used a 16 inch and a 24 inch so that I would be able to tell my needles apart easier.
Leslie says: I prefer to use 32″ circs for socks.

What’s your ONE favorite item to knit?
Laura says: I love small portable objects.   I was obsessed with hats for a long time and after knitting myself around 20 I needed something new.   Beck had also learned how to knit socks first and was taunting me (There is nothing like an annoying little sister to make you learn something new).  So I learned how to knit socks.  Now that I’ve knit over a hundred pairs, I’ve started knitting more shawls.  Who knows what my next favorite object will be to knit?
Leslie says: Whatever I’m working on right now.  🙂

What wheel do you each have?
Laura has a Schacht Ladybug.  She had an Ashford Traveler for a while, but it now lives with Beck.
Leslie has a Schacht Matchless.

Do you design patterns?
Yes. You can find Laura’s here and Leslie’s here.

Do you dye yarn?
Sometimes Laura does, when she’s in the mood.

Do you knit english or continental? Can you do both?
Laura can both knit in English, Continental, and Portuguese. She can purl in English or Portuguese.
Leslie can knit in the same ways, but is fastest in and prefers the English method.

What are your favorite types of needles?
Laura likes Signatures, Addis, or Knitpicks.
Leslie sticks with Knitpicks nickel plated or Addi’s when given the choice.

Leslie – Do you ever knit with the yarn behind you in the podcast ( on the wall). I think those colors have been hanging there since the first show?
Apparently not! That’s my handspun, and I do not knit with it often enough.  🙂

Laura – have you ever thought about taking any of those skeins home with you?….when Leslie’s not looking of course………;)
I’d go for her Wollmeise collection instead.

Why do the file sizes differ between episodes?
We get this question often.  We are still relatively new to video podcasting, so  we are constantly tweaking the recording settings, compression rates, and video quality after conversion.  Our goal is to bring you a clear, concise video podcast each week (chatter notwithstanding).  While we understand that the higher file size does hinder those with daily bandwidth restrictions from easily viewing, we feel that a high quality video is important.

Are you coming to (enter fiber event title here)?
Our travel dates are listed here.  Feel free to recommend some more!

Will LaLa’s mom and/or dad ever make a cameo? Mr. Awesome?
Perhaps. Beck will make another Cameo over Christmas and perhaps the niece and BIL as well.

Do you ever keep a yarn secret so it doesn’t sell out?
Not yet, although I will grab all the skeins I want and then tell y’all about it.  We want our favorite yarnies to do well and y’all to have wonderful yarn to knit with.

How did you get so tall?

Does Lala have two different colored eyes?
Yup, one green and one blue.  All the better to see you with my dear…

13 Responses to FAQ’s

  1. LaLa's Dad says:

    Will LaLa’s mom and/or dad ever make a cameo? Mr. Awesome?
    Perhaps. Beck will make another Cameo over Christmas and perhaps the niece and BIL as well.

    See, I do look at the podcasts and your site. Please call my agent to discuss the above. I have many demands if I am going public.

  2. knitwit7501 says:

    I think you should fr0g the project, and use it for a different project.

  3. Bob says:

    Hey Leslie and Laura, I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to watch your podcast, especially the way y’all interact with each other while still providing useful information to viewers. It is obvious that y’all put a lot of work into the pre-production of your show and attempt to provide a variety of people with new products, club information and ideas. I have noticed that recently there appears to be a large number of new podcasts that “coincidentally” seem to be talking about the same products and ideas that y’all are mentioning. Although I’m sure it could be frustrating to you, I hope y’all take it as a compliment as others are apparently using your show as a template on how to make sucessful podcasts.

    I have also noticed that occasionally viewers will make negative comments on a variety of subjects on different podcasts, plurks or any other media outlet. Over the years I have discovered that there are some people out there who are not happy unless they are gripping about something, the old idea of “making themselves feel better by tearing others down” theory. Kind of reminds me of a distant female relative of mine who has always successfully utlized her lousy personality as a means of birth control.

    In closing, I want y’all to remember how successful you are and that there are thousands of people out here who love you and what y’all do, so don’t change a thing but continue on the path that lead you to this success and enjoy the ridc.

  4. Shelby says:

    Here’s a question that I can only think of asking you ladies – where do I find a good project bag? I keep my wips in all sorts of plastic bags, ziploc bags, even gift bags (like presents come in) but I need a few good project bags. Can you recommend an etsy shop you like?

  5. firedup says:

    Hey ladies! I have been listening to all your past podcasts and have a question. When you mention Malabrigo yarns, you pronounce the “o” as a “u”??? Malabrigo is one of my faves and I am wondering if I have been pronouncing it correctly , I say it with with a long “o”….I have no idea why, I guess I just assumed. I am a Southern girl too so I don’t think it is an accent thing, just wondering. 😉

  6. Mary says:

    Hi there Knitgirlls
    I just wanted to let you know you have a first time watcher in Down Under New Zealand! I have to admit that through a combination of finally having time to surf my Apple TV setup, I chanced upon your awesome and entertaining podcast(first ever podcast I have ever listened to) and I look forward to your next one.is there a set timetable so I know when to tune in? Have to say you are both so natural and unaffected – an absolute delight to watch two personable women knitting their stuff! I am an ex knitter from years ago, keen to kickstart again in 2012. I am sure with inspiration from your podcast I will be enjoying returning to the craft.
    Happy podcasting and knitting!
    Mary Dwyer
    New Zealand

  7. Dianne says:

    Ladies you are my go to site. Well,right after the Good Wife on Sunday nights. It’s always a delight to start my week with my favorite knitters. I am still trying to figure out how Leslie is holding her needles. Blessings to you both.

  8. Sandy Balla says:

    Hello to you all on this St. Patrick’s Day weekend..

    I hope you all had a grand time..

    I am wondering how I may join your Blog.. I do want to come back and order your pattern for the Virginia Scarf..
    It is very pretty and would make a marvellous additions to my collection of Scarfs, Cowls and Neckerchief Scarves/Shawls.

    Wishing you continued enjoyment both your various knitting projects and this Blog.

    Thank you for sharing.. You have created/designed some lovely patterns.

    Sandy B
    North Vancouver,BC Canada

  9. Blanche bono says:

    Can you ply hand spun yarn with store bought yarn to keep gradient. If so do you spin store bought first?

    Thanks !

  10. Garnet Ardila says:

    So I’m hooked on your podcast!!! You both make me laugh….and I can definitely say you have inspired me to pick up some of my old projects, and restrain from casting on new ones until I reduce the amount of UFO’s in my closet…But I have a question, what happened to episodes 17 to 54???? I can see the EpisodeTitles and the show notes, but there is no link to the actual Podcast….. I am watching from episode 1, and feel like I’m missing a whole lot in between that I need to catch up with……Thanks for being so consistent, and entertaining !!!!

  11. Spinpixy says:

    I was just wondering how you record your podcast. It doesn’t look like Skype or OOvOO, what program(s) do you use?? Thanks!

  12. Annette says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Just wanted to say hi and that I just found your podcast tonight. I absolutely love your personalities and will now look forward to your podcast regularly. I may slack in Ravelry and Facebook, but never listening to podcasts while I knit.
    The comment about not being a stalker really made me chuckle. Of which I had to explain why I did during the movie he was watching…which was NOT during a funny part.
    Thanks you for the show and laughs!

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