Finally, some progress (and I hit the 5 skein mark)

I signed up for the Dream In Color Knit A Long (also known as DIC KAL) back in March (I think?), ordered a buttload of Classy in Cocoa Kiss, cast on for the Central Park Hoodie, then promptly ignored it.  Since the deadline is June 1st for a completed item, I figured I’d better get going.

The last time I made the CPH, I knit it in the round up to the armpits, but this time I decided to knit it all separately and seam it.  I don’t mind seaming, it turns out.  And, my friends, I will be seaming until the end of time.

Last night I soaked the pieces and laid them out to size (which, by the way, took for-fucking-ever), and if they’re dry by the time I get home, I’ll start seaming them tonight.  Once they’re seamed, I just have the hood and button bands to go.

CPH take two blocking

Close up of back of CPH

I’ll leave you with a photo of a painting hanging at Carol’s house that I just LOVE.

Carol's Painting

Don’t you just want to steal it?

Oh, and I hit my 5 skein mark.  (6, actually)

(1) skein Opal traded for some pattern books

(1) skein unmentionable used for a birthday gift

(2) skeins Moda Dea used for random ugly stash-buster bag

(2) skeins DIC Classy for remainder of left front plus sleeves of CPH.

I am now free to buy one skein of yarn.  (na na na na boo boo, Laura)

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