Random Wednesday

Whew! This week is flying by and I feel like I need another vacation.

I feel so disjointed from everyone this past month.

Laura and Alisha have been traveling off to fun and distant places without me (although at least half of those travels have involved family reunions, which I’d rather gouge my eyes out than participate in. At least if it were MY family).

Vanessa – you’ve been doing your thing, but I miss ya girlie. I hate that I didn’t get to go see Batman with you though! We need to get the boys together to play again soon.

Eloise, Carol, and all the other knitting night compatriots – I feel like it’s been AGES since we’ve seen each other. We MUST remedy this.

Along with my vacation, we’ve also been planning to close on our house. Right now, it’s set for Tuesday the 29th and if all goes well that won’t change. I’m so ready to have my own house but the thought of packing makes me sick to my stomach. I have so much STUFF and nowhere to store it after it’s been packed! WTF?

I hate work sometimes.

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