The most gorgeous thing I’ve ever made. Now I have to convince myself to knit its’ mate.

I used a cable needle with that sock but since I’ve taught myself the cabling without a cable needle method I think I’ll use that for the next one.

In other news, we all went to Stitch ‘n Pitch on Saturday night and had a pretty good time. It was way too humid at first but as the night went on it became more bearable. Of course, as any good adventure does, the evening began with me getting lost in downtown Memphis. After a quick call to Alisha for directions, Laura and I parked (it can be fun, ya know!) and headed to the field to meet everyone. After finding Hank and getting through the main gate, we were greeted by a miniature rock band. By miniature, I mean they couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13 years old.

Despite their tiny size, they had some interesting lyrics. One such lyric had something to do with the lead singer “putting his foot on your neck” and at this point I was laughing too hard to understand the rest. It was kind of like hearing a toddler say a naughty word; so shocking that it’s actually funny.

Anyhow – we finally found Alisha and Abbey and even Krista was there! Yay for out of town visitors who can bear knitters in multiple numbers! 🙂 Krista looked great and was as adorably chipper as ever and I even got a bit of conversation with Abbey in. When did she become a young woman, I ask? Seriously. I refuse to accept this reality.

Here are the fine Sparks ladies and Krista demonstrating their best photo taking poses.

Happy Tuesday All!

As a side note – all of the “knit girllls” will be traveling at multiple points this month so entries may be erratic. Not, of course, to imply that we post with any regularity now. We’re irregular kind of folks. Irregular in the sense of 50% off clothing you’d find at an outlet store cause we’re a little odd, not in the digestive sense. I hope. Anyway.

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