When yarn becomes an addiction, or “welcome to the world of Wollmeise”

There is just SOMETHING about her colors.  Onscreen they’re gorgeous, but in person they are so vibrant and rich they just about knock your socks off.

I caught Claudia’s shop update on 6/20 (due to Alisha calling me at 8am and alerting me that she had updated her listings) and got my packages in on Tuesday.  Then, by sheer dumb luck, I caught her update again late yesterday afternoon.  Let’s just say that I’ve spent far too much on Wollmeise lately, but I do believe I’ve got my “fix” for now.  I picked up a couple of colors I wasn’t crazy about and am going to trade for other Wollmeise.

First Sonne – and let me say it’s pretty damned hard to make orange look good, but Claudia did it.  Not my style at all, so I traded it for some Veilchen (which I’ll photograph once I get it).

Next is Zenzi – which is interesting, but I might trade it.

Then there’s Frosch:

And Red Hot Chili:


And my current favorite from the bunch, Rosenrot.  So rich and lovely:

Aside from buying far, far too much yarn, I’ve not been doing much.  I’m getting ready for a vacation that starts on July 12th.  (yay!)  Laura and Alisha are both out of town, but I did get to hang out with Nessa last night at Hank’s.  There weren’t quite as many people as there have been in the past, which was kind of nice.

I am a terrible, boring blogger.  That has to work today and tomorrow.  The nation thinks it’s a holiday but it’s not for me!

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