“Oh, my crap.” Or “All my crap!” Or “What the CRAP?”

Why did I think buying a house was a good idea?  I mean, yes, I love having my own space and deciding where everything goes, but that means I have to PACK and MOVE those things.  I don’t know if you guys realize it, but that step sucks majorly.  Why is Firefox telling me “majorly” isn’t a word?  IT IS, DAMNIT.


On another note, has anyone tried to wrestle one highly annoyed/scared/wiry 10lb cat into a pet crate?  After 20 minutes locked in a bathroom, many curses, lots of sweat and pet hair, I finally managed it.  Also, my cat apparently has become quite skilled at opening cabinets.  Ask me how I learned that.

We’ve ordered furniture (sofa and loveseat will arrive late August, coffee table mid-September).  We’ve ordered a refrigerator (will also arrive late August) and are currently using a tiny minifridge which is super fun.

Other interesting facts – I started Cookie A’s newest pattern, Lissajous, and I’m loving it.  It’s hard as hell, and every single row is different.  I can’t work on it unless I have time to actually concentrate (thus, I haven’t touched it in a few days) but I love the complexity of it.

I went to visit an orthodontist yesterday to see about getting braces, but didn’t like the guy at all so I’m looking for another one.  He had like 3 dental chairs in each “office”  – it kind of looked like an assembly line – so there was no privacy, which may seem silly but damnit for the amount of money I’m paying I’d like my own little room to endure my pain and suffering in.  Plus before he even introduced himself he made some joke about the girl beside me (who had just gotten green rubber bands put in her braces) and said she looked “money!”, then looked at me and (I assume he meant it jovially) punched me in the arm. DUDE.  WHO THE F*CK are you and WHY are you hitting me?  I 100% considered walking out right then and there but by then he already had his gloves on and was motioning for me to lie down.

So, new appointment on the 22nd with another orthodontist, one that my regular dentist recommended.

I think that’s about it – I suppose I should work since they are paying me to do so.

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