Apparently posts do not write themselves.

Who knew?  Stuff keeps happening and I keep mentally filing it away thinking, “Man, I should blog about that already”.   Yet when I come back to the site…well, you get the idea.

Much has gone on since I last wrote (over a month ago…BAD BLOGGER!!!!).

  • We are mostly settled in our new house.  The aquariums are set up and most of the fish have been moved.  We brought over our tv, rearranged furniture, and I have to clean like mad at least once a week.
  • I picked up my adopted bunnies yesterday from a nice lady in Conway.  They’re lionhead bunnies, and ADORABLE, and as soon as they stop flipping the fuck out every time I come near them, I’ll get a picture.  Stay tuned on that one.
  • Laura and I (along with Mr. Awesome and two other friends of ours) went on a trip to a cabin in the ozarks; one that Michael and I have been to more than once.  Most of our time was spent lounging, playing drinking games, and driving around tiny little mountain towns.  Not in that order, though, so no need to get yourself in a tizzy!
  • Not much knitting has actually been done.  More on that later.

I’ve been spinning a fair bit, and have some pictures that need to be uploaded tonight of that handspun.  I planned to take either mine or Laura’s wheel to the cabin but that didn’t happen.  Storage space in our rental was an epic failure so there just wasn’t room.

Short synopsis of the trip:

Went to pick up the rental, realized how few seats it had, and convinced the clerk to give me a bigger rental.  No problem, but we had to go to the airport to pick it up.  Departure would be slightly delayed, but no biggie.  We got the new car at the airport and it had more seating, but MUCH less storage.  At that point we didn’t have much of a choice, so we just figured we’d fold a seat down and make it work.  Once all of us met up at our house with all of the things we were taking, we realized that there was NO WAY it was all going to fit.  Think 20 pounds of rice in a 3 pound bag.  Just not going to work.  We pared down what we were bringing and aside from the occasional board game slamming into Laura’s skull in the back seat, all was well.  Before actually getting a real start on the drive, we had to stop at the Walgreens in West Memphis because “OMFG, it is a Walgreens with Alcohol!!!”.  Mr. Awesome thinks this is really really cool for some reason.

We drove, and drove, and drove, and finally got to the cabin around 5:45 Thursday night.  The next couple of days are kind of fuzzy, because we didn’t really DO anything.  We just drove to different hole in the wall places (which I’m sure you’ll see via a few embarrasing pictures Laura got of me), cooked dinner, hung out, played games, and talked.  It was a great weekend and I only wish that it had lasted maybe one more day.  But all too soon, we had to pack up and come home, with a small side trip to pick up a pair of bunnies I agreed to adopt froma family that is moving from Arkansas to Jerusalem.  Now we are back, nowhere close to being upacked.

And back to knitting – I haven’t done a whole lot…I did finish digitessa (which I need to photograph), a small baby sweater for a friends daughter, an unoriginal hat in Alpaca, mid-way through a Clapotis in Lowenzahn, 1/3 of the way through a Lady Eleanor in Noro Silk Garden, and I’ve turned the heel on the first of a pair of Jaywalkers in Audacity.  Wow.  After reading all that, i guess it kind of is a lot.  Oh! and I’m halfway through a Christmas stocking for an exchange I’m in.

Anyhow – there’s my update!  I’ll upload some pictures tomorrow and try to get them on the site this week.  😀

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