Spring Fling from the Cupcake Lady’s POV


I didn’t think this year’s fling could top the last one, but it was so much fun!!!

Laura and I drove up a day early for some quality time with Jackie – we had Dinner at Pi (conveniently located next to a yarn shop), then headed back to Jackie’s for some hard core spinning and loving on Paisley – Jackie’s Staffordshire Terrier rescue pup:

She is the gentlest dog ever, and she seemed to enjoy the company! Also, see how Laura’s wheel is just a blur – she spins SO FAST!  One day I’ll be that good, too.

On Thursday we drove out to the hotel and went straight to Starbucks where we met up with Sarah & Saradknits (and others that have now somehow evaporated from my memory – were you there too Aimee?  I’m so confused!!!!) for some pre-fling chatting.  After a sushi lunch, it was cupcake time!!!  When we got back to the hotel with the 12 dozen + cupcakes, I saw a flash of color and then a tiny German woman was giving me a bear hug – it was Claudia!  What a fantastic welcome, and after a few quick minutes catching up, it was time to hand out the cupcakes!  That’s my favorite part I think, because I got to meet everyone!  I got hugs from almost everybody and after that everyone seemed to know who I was (fancy that!).  Wendyknits was incognito in her rocking new hairdo, too!

Thursday night was the dessert reception, and MMMmmmmmmm was it delicious!  (this is the point that I’d add pictures had I bothered to take any)

More recaps tomorrow – it’s bedtime for me!

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