Things that make me feel AWESOME

Learning new skills.  I decided that since I”m going to do Photo365, I need to learn some cool new skills.  I bought a remote and some magnifying lenses (the cheap screw on ones, not the mega expensive ones) and I’m going to try to teach myself one new thing a week.  This week – layering!

Basically what layering does is allows you to take pieces of different photos or images and put them all together in one image.  The way that I did this was to set up my camera on a tripod and take separate pictures of Laura, Michael, & I , each in slighly different locations so we didn’t overlap (see below):

Once I had done some fancy path/cutout work and cursed and asked Michael for help a few times (also watching THIS VIDEO a few times), I finally came up with this:

How happy am I with the result?  VERY!!!
What do you guys think?

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