Things to pull me out of my non-knitting funk

Since I’ve been in such a funk in regards to knitting, I’ve been doing a lot of spinning.  Yesterday my driveband broke on my wheel, so I have to grab some more cotton and make a new one.  Since I’m so incredibly lazy, I decided to knit instead.

I had originally planned on knitting the Fiddlehead Mittens for my downstream Loopy Swap 5 partner, but after trying a couple of color combos, nothing made me happy.  I’ve decided on something new, but it’s with a totally different weight and color layout of yarn, so I had 3 skeins of sportweight already caked and needing to be used.   So…I decided to whip out a La Novia by Anne Hanson.  I used a skein of Yoyo Cashsport in Purple People Eater colorway, and two days later, it’s done!

I’m pretty happy with it, and that’s one Xmas gift down!

Typically if I’m knitting, I’m sitting my the loveseat in the living room, in my little “nook”.  I thought I’d give you guys a little insight to my “worktable” – I resisted the urge to clean it before taking a photo.

Who doesn’t need candy corn to work, I ask?

Also in the photo is my notions bag (pink), my interchangeable needle case (blue patterned bag), “Good Luck Chuck” from Netflix (surprisingly funny!), La Novia pattern, and my stitchmarker tin.

Your turn – what’s in your “nook”?

I’ll close with a photo of my gap toothed son – who has been waiting for a new tooth to come in for a couple of months now….

Teeth for Xmas please!

Teeth for Xmas please!

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