Because I am feeling entitled

Work sucks right now.  Well, the work itself doesn’t suck, but the atmosphere does.

My Director announced on Friday that he was leaving the company in two weeks.  He didn’t take the time to pull me aside and talk to me ahead of time before announcing it to the entire department, and for that I was seriously upset.

You see, over the past 18 months, I have taken on the duties & direct reports of an IT Manager.  I have done so without the title or the pay raise, because the company is so busy ‘right-sizing’ that I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss and get myself fired.  However, starting in late summer of this year, I began pushing more and more to get the title and hopefully a pay bump.  Due to the 5% across the board pay cut to all bonus eligible managers earlier this year, I am actually making less than at least one person who is at a lower grade level than I am, so you can understand why I’m upset.

My director kept telling me that the ‘right-sizing’ wasn’t over, and that I just needed to hold out a little longer to get the title.  So I held.

And now that director is leaving.

So now I feel cheated, screwed, and kind of betrayed.  I’ll report to someone who is now my peer, and I’ll continue to handle duties that I feel I’m not being paid to handle.

Before I get tons of advice, I would like to disclose that I am meeting with the department VP sometime in the next couple of weeks (the holiday throws everything off) to see what can be done.  I’m just using this space for venting.

Also, I hate to for my director leave and for me to have such a sour taste in my mouth.  He’s done some good things for our department, and he’s been a good mentor, but in the end I have to look out for me and for my family.

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