Fleece to Cowl

A long, long time ago I bought this from the Loopy Ewe:

During this summer’s TDF, it became this:

This weekend, I wound it into this:

And knit it into this:

It took around an hour.  The pattern is Cherry Garcia from Hello Yarn.  I made several mods, including knitting it on size 13 needles and only completing 2 pattern repeats.  I couldn’t find any of my size 11 needles, hence the 13s and I had only 80 yards, rather than over 100 of the yarn.  I really love how cheerful the colors are and how the color sequence worked out.

In other news, Leslie and I went to spinning guild yesterday.  This is how our wheels roll:

Leslie is spinning a lovely 8oz of fiber from CJ Kopek (I’ll let her tell you more about that since she’s doing all kinds of fancy things with it).  I’m spinning 4 oz of BFL in the Earnest Hemingway colorway from Sanguine Griffin.  LOVE this fiber.  Here’s a little better close up of my singles:

When I got home, I plyed it into a 2 ply that is a light sport weight.  I plan on using it for Ivy Vines by Anne Hanson.  I’m totally addicted to her patterns and have a binder just devoted to her (4 new ones may have joined the older ones there this past week).  The skein (all 232 yards of it) is drying and I’m impatiently knitting on another Mutnomah while I wait for it.  This Multnomah is out of some lovely Toasty in a toasty treat colorway.  It is perfect as carry around knitting, although I do miss my stockinette socks.

That’s it for me today!

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