Knitting Blahs

I took a break from knitting for most of yesterday.  I think knitting is just overwhelming me lately.  I have so many KALs that I participate in, a huge Xmas list, and a stash that has taken over every space known to man.  Here are my last 2 days of Photo 365 with some of the stash in question:

That is half of the hallway stash.  To the right, you can see the entrance to the knitting/sewing/spinning room that my mom and I share.

And here’s the everlasting bagstopper that hangs out near my desk with some handspun.

While I was photographing parts of the stash, I decided to reorganize it. So today, I dumped out the bins and redid it all.  The stash is now sorted by weight of yarn.  It doesn’t look much better, but now I can find all my DK wool at a glance.  It’s a good thing too, because I need to start my WW Kal.  I’ll have pictures of those tomorrow!

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