Catch up!

Christmas knitting is now in full swing at Chez LaLa.  I was super late getting started (I began on Monday) because on other knitting commitments such as baby showers:

One for Damian (I made him two hats, but he was a preemie, so only one fits him now).

Two hats and a pair of booties for Bevan (He’ll enter the world tonight if all goes according to plan).

And a hat for Justin (who is 6 months old, but his mom didn’t have any hats that fit him anymore).  I’m actually really happy with the finishing of this hat.  First, it had been on my needles for well over a year.  Second, it was made out of my hand-dyed yarn.  Third,  momma’s reaction when she got it…..she was very very happy.  So happy, I’ve had students telling me how happy she was.  That made it all worth while.

Other commitments that I had to finish up before the Christmas knitting were a scarf for the Red Scarf Project and a swap object for The Loopy Ewe Swap.  I’ll have to blog about my swap object after she gets it.

Speaking of the Loopy Swap, I got an awesome package from Lucytoo!

I’m having a hard time resisting the fiber and the yarn.  And we all know how much a love cowls.

Sigh, I guess I’d better go knit on some presents.

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