I’ve regained the sock karma I lost earlier this year.  October and November seemed to drift by with some rare sock knitting here and there.  But it’s back!  And I have to say that I’m in love.

First, the Holidazed Socks for my Loopy Swap partner Hattie.

The yarn is Schaeffer Nicole from TLE.  I got it in my goodie bag at the Spring Fling last year and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on.  I LOVE these socks.  In fact, I have enough medium weight STR (what the pattern calls for) to make several more pairs.  The fact that they were knit on a size 2 needle and Hattie has tiny feet, AWESOME!!!

I also finished a pair of Claudia Handpainted socks in the Blue Fields colorway for my Gma.  I like this yarn a lot but I know I’ll never be able to knit anything but Stockinette socks out of 2 skeins of it to fit my feet.  I do love the squishy factor of these socks, however.  And the different colors, swoon. I now remember why I have so much of this in the stash.

Oh, and these had been on the needles since the Spring Fling.  So I got a wip done! Go me!

Speaking of the Spring Fling, I got wait listed.  Kinda like Leslie last year, and we know how that turned out, so fingers crossed.

These next couple pairs of socks are filled with stripey goodness.

These are some monster socks knit out a various skeins of Vesper yarn.  They are for the Socks From the Toe-up kal and are going to Beck as an early B-day/Christmas present.  They should be done by tonight and then Beck and I have an elaborate photo shoot set up for Thursday. tehehehe.

My last second to last pair for this month is some socks that Leslie and I have been racing on.  I’ll let her share all the details with you, since she won, but my socks are on the left.  We both have our first socks done now and I plan on knitting on them on my road trip to PGH this week.

BTW, I totally stole the photo from Leslie, you can see the original and all the rest of the race photos on her flickr.

My last pair of socks will be for my BIL.  That’s the big project for the 13 hour car ride to PGH.  I also think that I may take the Ishbel to work on.  Regardless, I’ll try to blog on Friday.  Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and start of the New Year!

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