Gift Knitting

The week before Spring Break I got quite a bit of gift knitting done.  First, I finished the Sockhead Hat for a teacher’s daughter from work.  Her school colors are purple and gold, so it just had to go to her.  Here it is being modeled by Abbey at Kobe’s Birthday party:

Abbey was not thrilled to be modeling, but between her mom (Lish), Leslie, and I, she should be used to it by now.

Here’s the details:

Yarn: Rapunzel colorway by All Things Heather.  I got it at The Loopy Ewe and tried to knit several pairs of socks out of it with horrible pooling fail.  The hat pattern makes the yarn look good and I’ll have to remember that for other difficult skeins

Needles: Size 2.5 and no I did not swatch

Notes: Most boring of boring knitting but a great travel project and one I let other people along the way knit on as well.  I think this would be a great way for people to sample yarn in a booth or shop before buying it and getting something cool to donate to charity.

I also knit some dishrags using the famous Mason Dixon pattern for a baby shower and gave them as spit-up rags/vomit clothes.  I didn’t get pictures beforehand, which is so typical of me with baby shower gifts and I hope the mom liked them.  I find it really hard to knit for summer babies and I had already given her a cute hat (again no pictures) so it made it doubly hard.  She also told me her baby, Jacob, was going to live in a swim suit and flip flops this summer, so any handknits were kinda out at that point.

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