Almost a month ago, I finished my first Wendyknits shawlette, Argus.

Here’s an in-progress photo from the end of chart A:

I had wanted to make this a bit bigger than what the pattern called for, so I did 4 repeats of chart A.  Wendy had suggested, in her pattern notes, that if you were going to make it bigger, that you should increase the number of repeats in this section.  I had been hoping to get 5 repeats, but after reading some notes on Raverly, and looking at the number of grams I had left (68), I decided to stop here.  I did have a little left over at the end of my first repeat of chart C, so I repeated rows 9-24 one more time to add some length.

Here’s what it looked like unblocked in the snow:

And the leftovers:

I love the Numma Numma Saucy that I knit this out of.  The blue cheese colorway is one of my favorites of Allen’s and I’m glad that she’s dying it again on her new toasty base (Saucy is an older base that is no longer available).

Here we have blocking:

I had two large blocking boards that I stick side by side for large projects.  I use them all the time, and my LYS owner really gave me a deal on them.

The shawl is being blocked to 70×29 inches at this point.

And finally on my favorite male model, Kobe.

I really have to get a picture of it on me 🙂

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