Spring is here!

First – big news!  Our Ravelry ad was approved and is now live!  It looks like this:

It was designed by Laura’s sister Becky over at Peanut Butter Bagels, and I think she did a fabulous job!  Thanks so much to Becky!

If you’re hopping over here from a ravelry ad, Welcome!  You can find our videocasts on the sidebar at right, and we record weekly (normally on Fridays or Saturdays).  We hope you enjoy, and please join our Ravelry Group!  We love to hear from all our members and look forward to knitting with you!

Aside from videocasting, I’ve got lots going on!  My garden is blooming like crazy (but no pics at the moment because I forgot to upload them – oops!), and all the critters are reproducing.  My backyard ends in a large pond, and we have lots of geese and turtles as well as the occasional beaver.    The geese have lots of little geese (geeselings?  gooselings? I dunno) every spring, but this year, for the first time, we have ducks/ducklings!  It’s all very exciting, and we have one rogue goose who has decided that really he’s a duck.  He’s adopted the duck and her ducklings.

Have a gander at this (cameraphone quality) video I snagged yesterday:

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