Not in the Mood (to Blog)

We’re having our carpets restretched at Chez LaLa this week which means that everything had to be moved out of the rooms with carpet.  The knitting room happens to have carpet as does my bedroom.  Nothing makes me grumpier than having to move stuff.  At least now the stash is reorganized and as Leslie mentioned, we got some of mom’s fiber destash as well.   I also got a chance around a week ago (before the great fiber move) to take some pictures of my Vesper socks and Oliver socks that I finished in May.

I LOVE these socks:

I’m wearing them today and they may be my favorite socks ever.  Not only are they super comfy and look awesome but they remind me of two of my favorite people, Sarah of Perfect Day Yarns and Craftypancakes.

I also love these Vesper socks in the Muddy Waters colorway.  The pattern is the awesome Wendyknit’s toe up socks with a gusset (I think I’ve made this pattern at least a dozen times and it never gets old).

Maybe tomorrow I an get back in the blogging frame of mind and show you some other stuff I’ve been working on a little more recently.

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