Playing hooky

Today I got to take the day off since I worked Saturday night (again).  My boss is actually out of town, so I’m not sure he even knows I took the day off…

Today’s writing prompt from NaBloPoMo is:

Do you owe an apology to anyone? Why?

Ah, geez – I probably owe apologies to lots of people.  I tend to smart off without really thinking through things, and now that I’m more visible than I’ve ever been with the videocast, it’s sure to happen again and again.

(notice that I still didn’t apologize?  I’m a stubborn cow sometimes)

In other news, Michael made me a yummy dinner of sliced steak sandwiches with pepperjack cheese and oven roasted potatoes with olive oil & spices.  Mmmmmm….

I’ll give it to the man, he can grill a damned steak better than any I’ve had before or since.  (Though the Rib Room in New Orleans is a very, very close second)

Tomorrow, I’ll show pics of my Finished Object!  Until then, take a gander at something nifty I found while looking through crochet patterns:

It’s called the Filigree Bowl and it’s so ridiculous that it’s adorable.  I’m going to try it out sometime this week, and if it works out, I might make a bunch and give them out as mother’s day gifts next year.  The actual crochet work doesn’t look to be too difficult, and after that you just starch the bejeezus out of it over a mixing bowl until it’s totally dry.

What do you think – wacky or kitch?

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