D.C. Trip, PhotoJournal style

It’s been a while since I’ve used the blog to…well, blog! Here goes.

You guys all know that Laura & I went to D.C. over Labor Day, but we didn’t give you the full rundown. We had to be at the airport at around 5am on Saturday morning, so we were both a little bleary eyed by the time we got to D.C. – but did that stop us sitting and knitting as soon as we got to Wendy’s condo? Duckbill-sock-nose-Lala says  “No way!”.


Then, Lala was introduced to Angry Birds on Wendy’s iPad.


It was the beginning of the end. It became a personal mission to beat each level. While Laura was playing around with the suicide bomber birds, I was playing around with some of Wendy’s lenses as we have the same type of camera. She has some great lenses! First the zoom: (doesn’t she look so sweet??)


And then the macro on a wee ones ragdoll stitch marker:



Lucy felt like she was WAY cuter than the stitchmarker.


We did eventually decide to leave the comfort of the condo, and on Sunday headed out to the Smithsonian. Laura decided to cause trouble at the Metro, so she was denied entry. 🙂


After a quick ride on the metro, we arrived at the National Mall area. First stop, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. The architecture is gorgeous in this place.


But as it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty freakin’ busy. Example – this is as close as I got to seeing the Hope Diamond.


We goofed off in the gift shop for a while:




And took a leisurely break in the sunshine during the perfect weather that the weekend afforded us:


And then Becky was there!


Some typical touristy shots were taken:


And then it was time to head back to the condo! The National Mall is definitely an area I want to visit again, so I think a repeat trip is in order.

Once back to Wendy’s, she made us a delicious dinner!


Mmmmm…it’s making me hungry all over again! We played with Lucy some more:


But she eventually tired of being adorable and decided she needed some quiet time to read.


Then we stayed up way too late watching Buffy, True Blood, and RuPaul’s Drag Race that evening, and before we knew it, our last day in DC was upon us! We had a trip scheduled to Fibrespace in Alexandria, Va, so we got ready and headed out!

A quick picture was snapped before we headed inside and were overwhelmed by the awesome:


They had a fabulous coral reef display there…



..where Wanda and her friend played amongst the reeds & coral:


We met some awesome people at Fibrespace, and can’t wait to go back.  The shop was really well laid out and I loved their classroom (I wish I’d gotten photos of that!).

I hope you guys enjoyed our photo recap of a KnitGirllls on the Road journey.  New episode of the podcast coming soon!

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