Episode 120-Elephante

Laura is knitting on some toe-up socks on size 1 needles out of Opal Vincent Van Gogh.  She is also knitting on Hyla Brook on size 5 needles out of some handspun Loop fiber.

Leslie is knitting on a My Hope shawl out of Sunshine Yarns.  She has also cast on some socks out of the Robot Unicorn Attack colorway from Moonshine Fiber Compnay.

Leslie has finished a blind, mute, and tailless Elephante out of Another Crafty Girl.

Laura has spun 310 yards of a 2-ply merino from Knitting Knorth in a OOAK colorway She is currently spinning another braid of merino from Moonshine Fiber in their Jungle Juice colorway.

Leslie is spinning Fiberymph’s Trifecta of awesome shipment based on the book, The Last Battle.

Book Review:  Indie Socks by Chrissy Gardiner

LynnZymm Fundraiser

Laura had a great time at Stitches Midwest!  Thank you everyone that came up and said, “Hi!”  An extra special thank you to Molly, mhardersen, for the lovely soap.

Stitches Gluttany:

Miss Babs

Erin Lane Bags and Notion Pouch

TuckerWoods Farms

Knitty and Color

Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Plucky Knitter

Lost City Knits

Giveaway: Piddleloop Bags!

Both Leslie and I appreciate your patience and support.  We’ll be recording again on August 26th.

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