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Welcome to our obligatory “About Us” page!

Laura & Leslie welcome you TheKnitGirllls blog. Here you can read & watch our adventures in knitting, spinning, and who knows what else! Click on the Episode List above if you’d like to watch from the beginning (video & audio quality does drastically improve as we advance)! Leave a comment if you enjoyed reading/watching – we love to hear from you!


Leslie is writing this bio for Laura, muahaha!  So Laura is the tall blonde one of us.  She works for the school system and enjoys her job (most of the time).  She has been knitting since she was a child and loves to have a lot of items on the needles for variety.  You can find her designs here. She likes pirates, steampunk, musicals, and 80’s cartoons.  She is the RainMan of yarn.  You are not the boss of her.


Leslie is the short, brunette one of us. She works in I.T. in the gaming industry and that may or may not allow her some time to play on Ravelry during the day. She has a son nicknamed Jr. Awesome, and a fiance named Mr. Awesome. She likes the color red. She also sucks at writing bios and isn’t above a little snarkiness here and again. More on her later.

Mr. Awesome

Mr. Awesome fixes stuff for us when Leslie inevitably breaks it. He is awesome, thus the name. Sometimes he posts weather stuff on the site, but mostly he tries to pretend not to know it exists.

More added later as needed.

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