Because voluntarily running over crossguards is illegal…

and yarn buying isn’t…

I don’t ask for much.
A Job.
A roof over my head.
A crossguard that actually guides traffic in and out of Abbey’s school…

Amazing how I can leave at the same time on two separate mornings, arrive at the lane to pull into the school at the same time, and yet leave 25 minutes apart, is it not?

Some mornings are just yarn buying mornings.
Apparently Tuesday, May 7, 2008 was declared one of those  magical official mornings, because there are now several skeins on the way to me as a sort of early birthday present to myself.
AND they fit into the rules of stash management, as all of them are skeins by a dyer that I already own yarn from. 
Now, to pick out the one skein that I shall display during Nick’s Official Visit.

Knitting at the moment is a bit… not happening.
I’m not sure if it’s the dividing up of gran’s things, the general if-i-get-frustrated-one-more-time-this-month-i-will-drive-my-honda-into-a-convent feeling that has surrounded me, or if it’s the fact I haven’t gotten an entire night’s sleep yet this week and can’t be trusted on anything other than garter and stockinette.
But regardless, nothing has been done.

Hopefully soon I’ll post beautiful pictures of projects that are being worked on and/or being finished, but until then, you will have to admire Leslie’s spinning of those sexy blues and greens that make me want to bite its ear.

(yes.  yarn has ears.)

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