Let’s lightly talk about a serious topic or two… Depression. And Stash Management.

Depression can feed itself in many ways. 
Ice cream would be a way…

Yarn named after ice cream would be another.
Because I haven’t found too many of those types of depression fixes, I have fed my blues with food and good books.
That is… yarn NAMED after food and good books.
Our very own Laura has the yummiest book yarn in the world… I’d insert an Etsy link here if she had one…
And Allen from Numma Numma can make my mouth water with her yarn… Google it, because frankly, the link button isn’t working for me.

Because of these two women, my stash of sock yarn is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 skeins… quite a lot for a woman who has yet to finish her second pair of socks.

Every moment where I start feeling a little blue, my hand detaches itself from my body, types in the link for an etsy shop or The Loopy Ewe, and the next thing I know, I have a little present on its way to me. 
I figure this is probably easier on my body than the mound of Baskin Robbins I am currently craving… though not quite as easy on the pocketbook.

And so we come to the portion of our entry about stash management.

As a beginning sock yarn hoarder, I have tried several options.  Plastic tubs, which seems to work well for Miss Laura.  I’ve tried an entire dresser.  I’ve tried hanging organizers in the closet.  I’ve tried the pile method, which… works a bit better than one might think – at least for easy access.
I’m currently in the stuff-all-yarn-into-various-tote-bags-and-pretend-it-doesn’t-exist-until-I-knit-it phase, which so far has been working like a dream, but with the longtime boyfriend coming down at the end of the month, I may have to find a new method, as I think he will get a little suspicious of the 20 some-odd full tote bags lying around the house.

And so we come to the Denial Method.
Which is where I take one skein of yarn from each dyer that I have, prominently display them as my Only Stash, and hide the rest in my attic until after Boyfriend leaves.
And because of my apparently amazing ability to stick to such a small amount of yarn, I immediately will be granted the official right to buy more… because Boyfriend will be so proud of my self-control and stash management.

This, my friends, just might work.

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