Socks, Spinning, and Ear Infections. Oh My!

Not a ton of stuff is being acomplished at Chez LaLa right now.  I can’t hear out of my left ear at all and it hurts, but there’s no way that I can miss work at this time of the year.  So I work, and then I sleep.  I’m hoping the sleep part will help cure what ails me, but so far no luck.  Here’s a picture of some singles that I got spun up earlier this week.New Wheel and New Singles!The picture is not the most impressive pic ever, since it was late at night, I promise a better photo shoot before I ply.  The fiber is Lonestar Arts in the Twilight colorway.  I’m not real impressed with it, and while it’s not bad, it’s not one that I will get the merino blend of again.  I should finish spinning it tonight and will let it rest overnight.  I’m going up to Rainbow Fiber Arts tomorrow and will get my own Lazy Kate and a few bobbins then.  I would like to have 5 bobbins so that I can three ply if I want to or just spin up a bunch of singles.

On the knitting front, I finally took some pretty pictures of the Wooly Boully Socks.The yarn is in the Brooklyn Candy colorway and its just my basic Easy Peasy sock pattern with an Eye of the Partridge Heel flap.  I really like the way that they turned out and they are very comfortable.  I might wear them to Lucy’s class tomorrow.  I’m still at one finished project for the use up the stash campaign with Leslie.  I’ll have to post pics of the Herringbone Scarf I made, tomorrow.  Have a great weekend all!

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