What a difference a surprise makes.

So, we all know my birthday is coming up.
The entire month of May has been dedicated to the 2nd Anniversary of Lish’s 27th Birthday.
And… boy have I been raking in the goods.
Sure, it’s on my pocketbook, but they are STILL goods.

This afternoon the Postmaster Guy brought in my newest bundles of joy.
2 skeins of Toasty and 1 skein of Saucy from Allen of Numma Numma’s Etsy site.


I had noted in the comment box on my Etsy order “Happy Birthday to Me!!!!” and she made my day when she remarked upon singing Happy Birthday right back to me as she packed the box.

But nothing could have surprised me as much as a wrapped birthday gift!!!

What did she send me?!
A skein of TexasToasty in Pico de Gallo!

The lighting just doesn’t do it justice!

All in all, between my gifts to myself and the small skein that comes with a 3 skein order, my ‘take’ for today looks a bit like this:


It’s beginning to feel a lot like my birthdaaaayyyy… everywhere I goooo.


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