good point!

Sarah, (eatmyoxygen on Ravelry) wrote in a post on The Loopy Ewe boards earlier, “I should tag all my yarn with the price my husband should sell it for if I die and he needs help paying for the funeral. I could just see him selling all my yarn at a garage sale, “Big Box of yarn, 10 dollars” eeeeep.”

I’m still cracking up over that mental picture, because I can see Nick doing the same thing, never mind that it’s worth hundreds upon hundreds!

Still, not like I have much to worry about.  If my stash weren’t left to the L’s anyway, they’d dig me up, chop me into bits, and feed me to the sharks anyway. 
If Nick decided to sell it instead of gifting it to them, they’d only hold his computer hostage until he complied.
Either way, my stash has a place to go.

But still. 
“Big Box of yarn, 10 dollars”!

Better start tagging now.

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