The eventual degeneration of my signature

After signing my name on about 300 pieces of paper yesterday, my signature went from mostly legible to nearly incomprehensible.  On the plus side, we closed on our house!!!! yayness!

I am a first time homeowner. I have so much to learn about keeping up an entire house in regards to cleaning, gardening, entertaining, etc, so I do hope everyone will help me along!

We have packed almost nothing.  I packed my yarn, though.  Let’s just say I have more than I need.  Much, much more.  If I’m ever short on money for a house note, I suppose I could sell some.  (not likely)

I’m mega busy trying to coordinate a move, but I thought you might like a few pictures.

First, this is Kobe “helping” me pack.

His idea of packing seems to be getting the largest box he can find, taking it to his room, and putting the largest ITEM he can find in it (like a big monster truck) so it fills the box and he is “done”.   I think he’s been hanging around Laura too much.

Here is my current work in progress, Trystero.  I’m kind of digging the subtle striping effect of the Shibui Knits yarn:

That’s about it for now.  I’ll be having a housewarming party eventually and I hope some of you guys can make it.

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