On being lame

So I had been rolling right along with the blogging, then I lost the mojo.  Not sure what happened as aside from Tour de Fleece, I haven’t been overly busy, but life happens I guess!

I have started listening to Jackie’s Podcast.  She just finished episode 9, but because I’m a slacker, I’m only 2 episodes in.  Once I finally got my Zune to cooperate and F***ing sync, I gave ’em a listen.  It’s a cool podcast, and yes I’m biased, but also it’s fun because it’s like having Jackie right there in my house, just chatting away on the sofa.  🙂  I forgot how much I missed her until I started listening.  I should be tearing through the rest of the podcasts while she’s GALLAVANTING AROUND MELBOURNE WITHOUT ME.

Yes, friends, Jackie is outright abandoning me to go on holiday with her Scott.  No concern at all for my feelings and my unabashed jealousy at her globetrotting.  Nope, she’s heartless.

In other ‘reconnecting’ news, I went prop shopping with Alisha for her wedding photo booth.  It was fun to just be goofy and choose the craziest masks, props, etc that we could get our hands on.  Still quite a few pieces that need to be picked out, but we’ll have to go to one of the bigger stores in Memphis to have a good selection.

I have lots of interesting stuff coming up!  Mine & Michael’s birthdays are next month (mine is next week).  The last weekend in the month I have a trip down to Louisiana for a bachelorette fun fest weekend with Alisha and her friends and family!  It should be fun since I haven’t met the vast majority of Nick’s family, and haven’t seen Krista or Amanda for months.  (speaking of which, I need to buy the bridesmaids dress next week…)

The weekend after that, Michael is going to Portland with his BFF, and the weekend after that, Laura and I are going to Chicago for Stitches midwest.  A bunch of the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling folks are joining us for some knitting and shopping time at the market and maybe The Fold.  I’m excited to see the SF folks – so if you’re reading this and I haven’t invited you, well, consider yourself officially invited!

As far as knitting projects go, I’ve been mostly monogamous.  I’m into the fourth section of Alisha’s wedding shawl, but at this point there are over 500 stitches on the needle so it takes a while.  🙂  Also I picked up the double knitted cowl again last night and powered through 8 or 9 rows there.

That one will be a shop sample so I really should hurry up and finish it.  The photo is old, I’m about twice as far along as I was then.  After that, I’m going to design and knit a worsted weight double knit hat to teach a class with at Hank’s, cause momma could sure use the extra dough.

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