Tour de Fleece, week 1 recap

So it’s one week down for Tour de Fleece 2009 and I am feeling like I’m getting a lot accomplished!  I have spun up about 14oz so far.  8oz of Creatively Dyed Seacell which yielded about 265 yards of 3ply Worsted:

Next was some AllSpunUp (from Etsy) 70Merino/30Alpaca in a 2ply of about 300yds:

Now I’m working on this batt I got from Etsy earlier this year.  It’s screaming loud but is striping really well:

And just for fun, a mosaic of the past few month’s worth of spinning:

I’ve done more spinning this past week than I probably have all year.  I really feel like I’m making some progress!  I put the hi-speed whorl on my wheel last night and I’m not struggling to keep up, so that’s super exciting for me!  Today is supposed to be a day of rest for TDF, and I might take it.  I need to work on Alisha’s wedding shawl some more!

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