Things that make me happy

1.  Getting older.  I actually don’t mind turning another year older.  I’ve had an interesting (for me) life, and I feel like I’ve made some good friends, and progress in general is good anyway, right?

2.  School starting back.  YAY MY SON WILL NOW HAVE OTHER THINGS TO CONCENTRATE ON!  It also means I pay less in child care, and lets face it, money stinks.  The less of it I have to shell out to other people, the better, in my opinion.  And this is my blog, so in a sense, my word is law here.  Of course I’d need readers to really have that dramatic effect…

3.  Ravelry.  I mean, really.  What did knitters do before this fantastic site?  I have made so many friends this way!

4.  My new SSD (solid state drive).  I have a work laptop, and over the years and through many upgrades, my laptops seem to have gotten progressively s l o w e r instead of faster.  Add to the bajillion programs I have to have on my laptop, I also have Safeboot.  Safeboot is a program that encrypts the entire hard drive so that if it is stolen, no data on the laptop can be retrieved without my username/password.  Very secure, but also clogs down the laptop and makes it even slower.  Enter my new SSD, to the tune of $800ish bucks (company funded), and I went down to half the size of my previous drive (64g from a 120g) it is WAY faster.  It used to take 15 or more minutes to fully boot, now it’s under 90 seconds.  LOVE, I’m going there for love, A love I have to win – I can live without sun or valet.  I can’t just walk away, Betray what might have been….Oh.  Sorry.  That leads me to my next point…

5.  Musicals.  Lately I have been bouncing between Legally Blonde & Avenue Q.  You can’t NOT be happy listening to musicals, can you?  Actually, my word is law, remember?  So the answer is no.

6.  Stitches Midwest!  Our trip is getting closer and closer and I am psyched!  It’s going to be a long drive but I am so ready!  I miss all the Spring Fling awesome people.  I really should be making a hotel reservation at some point.  😀

7.  FINISHING objects.  Last weekend I finished the Tapestry Cowl and it is blocked and ready to be dropped off at Hank‘s.  I also finished (and by finished, I mean sewed the buttons on after a month of procrastinating) the February Lady Sweater for Carol, which I need to photograph and add to my projects.

Anyway, that’s my birthday entry, hope everyone is having a good week!

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Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

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