Because I haven’t felt much like knitting

I’ve been spinning more recently.  Spinning Guild meeting was on Sunday, and as of Saturday I had half of 4oz spun.  Saturday night, I finished the other 2 oz and plied, and ended up with a respectable skein of about 160 yards of a Yarn Love colorway:

I really liked the richness of the colors and the fiber was great to work with.

Also, for the past few months, I’ve been saving the bits and bobs of plies left over.  You know when you spin and ply the singles, you almost always end up with some left over on a bobbin?  I’ve been plying that navajo style all onto one bobbin, and I wound off my first 140yd franken-skein of worsted weight.  I’m actually quite happy with it!

Tomorrow, I’ll post about the fiber I’m spinning now – 8oz of Holly Berry Merino from CJ Kopec– I LOVE her fibers.  They are incredibly well prepared and fantastic to work with.

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