Because I like to pretend I’m crafty

I am participating in the CJ Kopec Nov/Dec Put Your Own Twist on It Spin A Long (SAL) and I’m super excited.  Since I’ve been spinning for over a year now, I’m getting to the point that I can spin a consistent thickness.  It’s not quite as thin as I’d like it yet, but it’s getting there.  🙂

So for this month, the fiber color is called “Holly Berry” (sorry for the crap photo)

As you can see above, the roving is three different colors – purple, green, and a whitish beige.  I decided I was going to try for subtle stripes, so I laid out the fiber (only 4 of the 8 oz I got is shown, I had already spun the other half) so I could more clearly see the color repeats:

Once folded out and laid flat, I gently separated as best I could into three piles by color.  There was some overlap, especially in the whitish color, but it’s to be expected (and I matched it from the first 4 oz):

Nothing left to do but spin!  I finished the whitish section tonight, and I’ll work on the purple tomorrow night after Knit Night.

And now for a word from my resident “helper monkey”:

“Every picture is better with ME in it, right Mom?”

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