Because I love my sister. Most of the time.

I decided last week that I needed to make my older sister, Nicki, a gift for her 33rd birthday on the 15th.  I also decided that there was no flipping way I was going to knit her socks.  So, instead, I used some of my very first handspun and made some Maine Morning Mitts.

I don’t typically go for the easy projects, but I feel like my taste is changing and I’m starting to lean a little more toward process knitting instead of product knitting.    The finished product – probably only took about 5 hours altogether.

So yay for sisters, and I hope she appreciates them.  I think I’ll probably knit another pair for me pretty soon. 😀

Also, you can see my grey hairs spreading – time to start regularly dyeing it I suppose.  🙁

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Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

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