I’ve been resisting a lot of things this week; the lure of my spinning wheel in favor of knitting, an impulsive buy at the Loopy Ewe (for example this or this or any of these or these), or the siren call of casting on new projects to finish up some ufos instead.  Last night I watched these guys defeat Denver:

And I knit on the never ending FOP square.  I feel bad because this is so late, but no matter how many hours I knit on it, it never seems to grow.  I’m going to try to get it done tonight, because I do have to cast on something new.  One of my coworkers had her baby 4 weeks premature, so we’re having a late shower for her on Thursday.  I got her a $10 gift card and am planning on making some booties and a few hats.  Unrealistic expectations for 2 nights worth of knitting time? Probably so, but this is her only shower since her family lives far away and I want to do all I can.  If anyone has any patterns that they recommend for quick gift knitting, please let me know!

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