Why some things change, and some things don’t.

This week is “A” week.  This week, we as atheists, we quietly and unobtrusively show ourselves on Facebook by temporarily replacing our profile photo with the ‘scarlet’ A:

In my teenage years, I would have been terrified to out myself as an atheist.  I preferred to quietly disagree with the majority, and avoid debate at all costs for fear of losing friends.

As an adult, I no longer fear being seen as the ‘weirdo’, the one that others are convinced is wrong.  I am as certain in my lack of belief as any saved soul is in their belief of gods and/or an afterlife.  I disagree, and I will do so very clearly if attacked, but otherwise I am content to just be; no need for conversion on either side.    I am a good person without any god, and as long as we can maintain a separation of church and state, I have no qualms with believers.    So, happy Atheism week, my friends!

In other news, Michael & I planted our spring veggies this past weekend!

It’s not much, but we’re hoping for some good growth!  This year we planted brussell sprouts, cabbage, onions, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes and strawberries.  We will plant some potatoes later in the year.   There so much possibility in these little guys!

Aside from gardening, I’ve been knitting away on Lilith, trying to get it finished before the fling.  I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble doing it, but it is MILES of stockingette.  I don’t have a WIP photo but hope to have one later on. I do love the simplicity of the design, and my older sister is asking me to make one for her tiny butt, so I might do that when I’m finished.  Other than that, I only have one Spring Fling project left to make – knee high vesper socks!  More details on those later.
So, my knitterly friends, what are you working on?

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