Episode 8 – Spring Fling Recap

Again with the chatty! I hope you guys don’t mind, we ran long again this week. Shownotes after the videos. 🙂

Leslie, Laura

Perfect Day Yarns Sock Club
Leslie traded the Namaste buddy case in pink for Aimee’s red one.
Leslie bought a Zauberball at Knitty Couture in St. Louis.

Laura got a skein of Perfect Day Yarns in Ode to Sea Sock in the Fair Lights colorway. Laura also had a Spring Fling swap and she got SO MUCH STUFF from Dana including Lorna’s Laces and some Enchanted Knoll in Dragon.

We both got great gifts from Sharon and Tempted in the Good Grrl Base.

Leslie finished her Lingering WIP. Still Working on the Vesper socks.

Laura is still working on her Vesper socks. She’s also working on her Monkeys in Oliver in Perfect Day Yarns. Laura has also designed a sock for our LYS’ sock club. Pattern to be shared later. Laura also scored some Kitchen Sink Dyeworks in the Dexter Colorway.

We both love our Beverage holders from Aimee’s shop!

Laura scored:
Yarntini (sorry no TLE link)
Sweet Georgia
, multiple patterns, Goodies from Sanguine Gryphon, and an Emily Lace bag, enabled by Tammy.

Leslie scored:
The Dyeing Arts in Cheshire Cat and Goth Girl. Also scored Teal We Meet from Tempted and Monkey Wrench. Also Leslie score two skeins of Tempted’s Luxe Grrl in Moondance, then won the Stacy Shawl kit at the door prize giveaway. We fell in love with this when we saw Tracee’s shawl. Also bought some Djinni in Blue Spruce.

Laura and Leslie with both be attending the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza December 3rd and 4th, 2010. Flickr photos from last year are found here.

Laura & Leslie are going to Atlanta next weekend to visit Ikea, the Atlanta Aquarium, and to visit Allen of NummaNumma.

This year my Shipwreck was featured on Sheri’s blog. Also featured there are the pictures of the driver being admonished for “No Sheri Left Behind”.

Leslie is dying to make the Charlotte’s Web Shawl out of Wollmeise. Laura wants to cast on aTraveling Woman as well as everything in Sarah’s project page.

Thanks to everyone who has friended us on Ravelry, joined our group on Ravelry, Subscribed on Youtube or iTunes! We really appreciate the comments!

Also, stay tuned for the KAL we’ll announce next week!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

15 Responses to Episode 8 – Spring Fling Recap

  1. Carin says:

    Yay! Come to Estes!!!

  2. CarrieL says:

    Ya’ll are just flat A-Dorable!! Love the blog, diggin’ the podcasts – love the hints on yarns ya’ll love, patterns ya’ll are thinking of doing, and your t-shirts (thanks Leslie for the pm’s telling where to get some too).

    Keep talkin’

  3. Bev love says:

    I just got my iPad yesterday and the first video I am watching is you. You look Marvelous!!! I watched episode 3 on iTunes first. I was able to enter a star rating on iTunes but did not find the navigation path to leave a review. But the website link brought me here to episode 8. yay!!

  4. Lee says:

    I love your guys’ socks that you are both working on, I can’t wait for the KAL (super excited!!!)
    The blog is great and I love the webcast that you guys do, I don’t care how long it is I enjoy it very much. I love the ninja cupcake how adorable!

  5. Lee says:

    This is an add on to my previous post, but I was trying to add your blog to my list of blogs I read on my personal blog and for some reason it has a hard time with it do you know why? It’s not a big deal but just curious.

  6. Leslie says:

    Lee – It’s probably the URL giving you trouble. Try both “www.theknitgirlls.com” and “www.theknitgirllls.com/wordpress”. Hope that helps, and thanks for the comments!

  7. Jessica and Jane says:

    Jane and I watched you guys today after shopping at MSW yesterday (ha ha) and loved the show. We miss you both. And thanks, Laura, for feeling sorry for me and my pout and selling me your Tempted roving. I’ve got it over halfway spun. Also looking forward to the knitalong–about time! LOL

  8. Lee says:

    I tried both but for some reason it will let me add the site but it says that it won’t update me when you have recent posts. I don’t know what that is all about I have other people from wordpress on my blogs reading list. But thank you very much for the help.

  9. Steve says:

    So I just have to tell you that a group from my local yarn store (Mary Lynn’s Yarn Garden in Bloomington, IL) and I went on a train trip down to St. Louis and visited Knitty Couture. I also bought the same skein of Zauberball!!! I can’t wait to knit it up.

  10. Kate Lathrop says:

    Squee! Y’all gave me a shout out! My husband is so proud 🙂 It was so great to see the two of you and I can’t believe the weekend is already over 🙁 Keep up the GREAT work on the vid cast!!!

  11. Lynn Z says:

    I will be so excited if you come to Estes!! I hope it works out!

  12. LoriAngela says:

    Thanks for bringing us along and making us feel like part of the fun. I met the “Sweet Georgia” at fibres west and bought laceweight in the same purple. Soon to be an Ishbel. Looking forward to hearing your laughter again soon.

  13. Wanda in AR says:

    I will get to meet you at AR Fiber Arts. BTW, I live very close to Jasper so when you come this way and want to knit with someone, we can meet up. Not many knitters in the area for me to knit with.

  14. LaLa says:

    That sounds like an awesome plan!

  15. Loved hearing the recap. Wish I could’ve been there it sounds like lots of fun. Oh and a knit-a-long. I’m in. And if I picked up the clues correctly I’m off to look for two semi solid colors because those were the best socks. Can’t wait to hear from you this week. Take care L&L.
    ~Knitting Samurai in NH

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