Episode 5 – The one where I’m losing my voice

This is another short one, about 15 minutes. We are joined by Sarah of Perfect Day Yarns, and mostly we just chatter about what’s been going on today. I think at some point the audio gets off, but it’s too loud here for me to really tell. Please bear with us! Hope you enjoy!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

10 Responses to Episode 5 – The one where I’m losing my voice

  1. Anna (alcatmom) says:

    I’m having so much fun watching you guys knitting and laughing. And getting to see Sarah too. My sock club package will be at my house Friday! Yippee! Looks like you are all having plenty of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. birdgirl says:

    I am loving these podcasts too. Thanks for taking the time to put them up! Keep em’ coming!

  3. Carol says:

    I love the last part where everyone’s voice turned very deep and slow and am wondering why there was not 1 cupcake saved to STAR in this episode! There better be a photograph of 144+ cupcakes

    It just seemed like y’all turned into transvestites. Are y’all transvestites? I’m not judging.

  4. Eloise says:

    Enjoyed! Like Carol, I liked the last part with the manish voices. Also I would like to have seen not just heard about the cupcakes.

  5. Sarah says:

    I love the vidcasts from the Fling! You all are making me go crazy- I can’t wait for next year so I can try and get in… looks & sounds like you’re having a ton of fun!!

  6. So glad you are all having so much fun! Keep having fun and updating all of us non-Flingers 🙂

  7. Beth1313 says:

    You guys are HOTT!!! Love your faces!!

  8. JaneB says:

    Making me REALLY miss the Fling now… it’s great to see y’all having such a good time!

  9. Sarah says:

    you guys look great! Sorry I wasn’t the best guest but it was fun!

  10. Jessica says:

    It was fun crashing your party with Sara! And your guest is adorable! (I heart you, Sarah!)

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