Leslie, Kobe and I had a play-date today.  We went out to lunch at Newk’s and while there found out that Jessica was also going to the fling (Yay!).  The happiness continued at my house with the dying of yarn, spinning, knitting, popsicle making, photoshoots, and Kobe photo-stalking Leslie and I.  The weather was gorgeous and we took full advantage of it.

Here’s what I was spinning (the dying and knitting portion of my day are secret projects):

I’m spinning all three of these as separate singles and then will ply them together.  I’m thinking the finished product may be another LaLa’s Simple shawl.

My favorite picture of the day was Kobe trying to keep his homemade grape popsicle from dripping:

I hope the weather was just as nice wherever you are!!!!!

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