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See the nifty little bars on the right side that tell you the progress on each of our projects?  When they first went up, they were all the same color and that drove Leslie crazy (secretly, I still think it drives her crazy, how many green ones are over there).  So red equals Leslie’s projects, and green equals mine.  I have a lot of projects.  But there are two less than before.  The waterfall socks got finished on Monday and are going to have their dye reset and then photographed later on today.

Guess what else is done?

I’ll give you a hint:

It’s a horrible in the mirror at knit night photograph, but it’ll do until I get a bunch of others.

Project Specifics:

Pattern: Mara

Needles: Size 7 Addi Lace 40 inch length

Yarn: Tosh Merino in Seaside (4 skeins)

Details: I did the garter body using 2 complete skeins and then used 2 on the ruffle.  I had just enough yarn for a Russian Bind-off in the rib pattern.  The finished measurements are around 88 inches long by 35 inches deep.  In the picture above, I have the “wings” of the shawl tied around my back.  That seems to be the best way for me to wear it.

MARA IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!  Hypotenuse has already been cast on and is almost through second of 9 skeins.  Lady Betram did not get done last week, but is on chart C, so not so far to go.  I think I may actually have some stuff to wear to fling this year (fingers crossed)

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