On the Road Again

I’m on my way to both Pittsburgh and Syracuse this week.  This involves lots of knitting time and riding in the car.  A long roadtrip does have it’s perks.  Lots of knitting time would be the first.  The second real perk is the ability to visit yarn shops along the way.  I really only have one yarn shop on the list right now (I’m trying to find a good one around Syracuse, any thoughts?)

Yesterday, I stopped at Blomin Yarns in McMurray, PA (just south of Pittsburgh).  Michelle was nice enough to allow me to take a video tour of her shop (It’s really fast, you really should spend lots of time there if you are in the area) and then she allowed me to force her into film an interview with her.  I’m going to try to add the two below.  I hope you have as much fun watching them as I did recording them!

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