Tornados: Oh my!

It’s been a long weekend.  For those of you not in the Memphis area, we had a period of a little over 48 hours with multiple tornado and flash flood warnings.  A tornado warning means that radar or a human has spotted an actual tornado headed to or in the area.  What did this really mean for me?  Lots of sirens and hiding in closets with a good bit of reading and knitting time (there may have also been a nap or two). We and our friends and family are very lucky.  You can read more about the storms here.

On a totally different subject, I finished my BFL mitts.  It’s still too rainy to get a great picture, but here’s some, anyway.

I knit these with leftover yarn from my Thorpe hat and a cowl is also going to be added to the set in the near future.  Yay!  One more sidebar less for me 🙂

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