A project befitting the skein

This morning I decided to browse through my queued projects and catch up on tagging/organizing them. In the process, I found quite a few things that I cannot even remember queueing, and don’t even remotely like! I guess over time my taste has changed, and things I queued in 2007 make me gag a bit now. 😛

After I’d tagged everything, I took a hard look at each item in my queue, and I removed almost 100 items! Then I noticed I had 99 items entered into my projects tab, so my next item will be the 100th one. This requires something special, I think!

So, readers, I need your help. I want to knit something with this skein of yarn.

Attain the Way

Attain the Way

It is so crazy gorgeous that it demands to be knit NOW! It’s 490 yards of a bamboo/merino blend, and it is variegated, so I’m at a loss as to what I should use it for. You guys knit some fantastic items, so I know you’ll have some great suggestions! Please leave them in the comments, and perhaps there will be a giveaway of some sort as to whoever suggests the winning pattern? 😀

In other news, Laura left for TNNA this morning. I just found out she’s going to the ravelry party and I’m so green with envy! I’ve never been to a ravelry part and it is one of those must do things for me. Distract me with patterny goodness, please!

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