Failure abounds!

So I mentioned in the podcast that I was going to make a cheesecake in honor of Rue McLanahan (sp?) passing away.  I got a recipe from Carin, got all the ingredients together, and earlier this afternoon I set to baking!

It should be noted that I’ve never made a cheesecake before in my life.

The directions said to cook it for 45 minutes, and to test it via “jiggle factor”.  If you shake the pan and it still jiggles, it’s not done yet.  Me being the cheesecake novice, I took those directions to heart.  After 90 minutes in the oven, it was still jiggly (and had browned quite a bit), but I took it out and decided to let it cool anyway.

After letting it cool/chill for about 4 hours, I took off the exterior shell of the springform pan and cut a slice.

It’s still pretty soft in the center, so I’m just gonna put it back in the fridge and check on it tomorrow.  Cheesecake enthusiasts – perhaps you can guide me?  Where did I go wrong?

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