LonelyKnitGirlll, 2nd Edition

If you have 30 minutes to kill, feel free to have a gander at the second installment of LonelyKnitGirlll!  I tried a new encoding technique on this one that kind of killed the quality – I’ll go back to doing it the previous way for the next episode.

In the recording I allude to a spinning segment, but that never happened. We’re having AC issues in my house and never got around to recording that part. 🙂

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

7 Responses to LonelyKnitGirlll, 2nd Edition

  1. thanks for another great episode and another look at your beautiful shipwrecked shawl! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    hehe the pattern tamer was also PDY swag!

  3. DeniseL says:

    Thanks for doing the ‘cast even though Laura is unable to be there with you. Lots of good info, and I really liked the segment about your favorites. What I missed is your smile. You don’t smile as much when you podcast alone. Looking forward to more about spinning, etc.

  4. We missed you at Estes! Loved the episode. And your hair is darling put up like that. I think I’m going to go order some highlighter tape.

  5. Eleanor says:

    Darn it, you have enabled me right into crocheting a walden. Yours is gorgeous.

  6. Sarah says:

    Yay! I feel famous haha ;-} I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the Jaywalkers & how they fit… I guess that’s why I haven’t knit a pair but they look so cool! Great episode!

  7. kramox says:


    I watched this episode and noticed when you sad that you’ve never knitted a sweater or a top that fitted for you. I must recommend the Tuulia Salmela’s sweater tutorial, you can find the patterns Ravelrypage here: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/the-tailored-sweater

    The pattern and method is super great when you get your head around it. I’ve test knitted one of her patterns with this method, and numerous cardigans for myself and it’s the best fit ever. No seams and fitted sleeves, I just have to recommend this to you 🙂
    There’s lot of info in the group and Tuulia is super nice, she’ll answer any question you may have.

    I’ve watched the videos just to this point. so I don’t know if you know of the method already, but I just had to share! Love your videos, and oh those yarns!

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