The Great Goose Migration

I got home yesterday, and look at what greeted me in the backyard!

I know that one is kind of far away.  Fear not, there are more pictures:

It’s like every goose in a 20 mile radius knew we had some stale bread to get rid of!  And of course Kobe enjoys photobombing everything:

While I’m all about the geese having a nice comfy place to live (and comfy it is, these are some fat geese), but they are messy little suckers.  But look, the babies are almost fully matured!  You can tell these were the babies cause they still have some of the down on their necks:

They matured in like 6 weeks!  I can’t even count them anymore, there are just too many!  We do still have “King Goose” (with the orange feet and beak bump) with his adopted ducklings – momma duck has flown the coop completely so he’s all they’ve got it seems!

Suffice it to say, I have a very well fertilized back yard.  🙂  Moving things inside the house, have a look at my finished Filigree Bowl!  There are some silly pirates from AnnieMaude playing amongst the fiber.  🙂

There’s some of my pre-drafted fiber in here, just to fill it.

And here it is empty, but with weird shadows going on:

I think it turned out pretty well – but I can see a few areas for improvement.  I did use a cornstarch recipe for stiffening it but it probably would have been fine just using the commercial stiffener.  I will definitely make more of these, cause they’re very cute little gifts.
So readers, what is your go-to knitted or crocheted gift?

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